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ATP RECORDS – Answer The Public

Internet users enter many queries into search engines which they do not always find answers to. That is why we created our blog – Answer The Public.


Our website also deals with the topic of 3d models and others in the field of computer graphics.

Discover news from the world of 3D graphics and animation as well as interesting artists and their artworks. Our people use kitbashing 3d to create complex 3d scenes such as cities and interiors. So, in addition to the blog where anyone can post their article, we describe CGI news. Every now and then we bring up the topic of new versions of computer programs such as 3ds max or Blender.

We publish articles on the following topics:

  • – art,
  • – design,
  • – computer graphics,
  • – internet,
  • – technology,

There is no category that interests you? We can create it for your text.

FREE Guest Posting Site

Where to publish guest posts? ATP Records allows internet users to publish their own articles for free!

If you would like to publish an article advertising your website, online shop, company or you just have something interesting to say … to the public – go to ATP Records. We will publish your article, create a new category that interests you.

Totally free.

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