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There are new addiction recovery services in Nova Scotia and they are called Terradyne Wellness Center where detox customer have their own luxury rooms serviced throughout their stay.

If clients choose they will enjoy the ensuites where all rooms have their own full private ensuite bathrooms. Each room at this detox clinic in Nova Scotia comes with its own private balcony overlooking the beautiful Jeddore harbour.

While at Terradyne Wellness Clinic, detox clients will have access to guided hikes along trails and some of Eastern Canada’s most beautiful beaches. There is also an on-site exercise room with gym equipment and a yoga space to take advantage of.

Drug and alcohol addiction affects just about every gender, race, and age. Addiction affects everyone including men, women, teenagers and seniors alike. If not addressed, drug and alcohol addictions can quickly grow into a serious health problem.

Many people begin abusing alcohol at an early age. Then they turn to drugs such as cannabis (marijuana) and even cocaine which they quickly become dependent on. When they attempt to stop using container and other s`uch drugs like Oxycontin, they may experience anxiety and even depression.

Addiction Rehab Services for Drugs or Alcohol in Nova Scotia, Canada

Terradyne Addiction Services Center in Nova Scotia has many experienced therapists that work with the individual patients one-on-one to assess where they are at and where they want to be.

Our detox specialists will help the individual establish attainable goals, monitor their progress, and make adjustments to the treatment plan when necessary. Terradyne Rehab Clinic believes that when a person has a drug or alcohol treatment plan in place that is tailored to their specific needs and is meaningful to them that it will result in better outcome for long-term success.

Terradyne’s Addiction Counselling team have experience and certifications in CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, Narrative, strengths based, solution focused, inner child and trauma informed therapeutic approaches. This gives the addiction recover team an excellent advantage in being able to draw from the theory and approach that is going to best suit you as build a strong recovery base.

a Healthy Lifestyle Is Important To stay Sober

A wellness program is important to recover from alcohol or drug abouse!

At Terradyne Wellness and Rehab Clinic in Nova Scotia, they specialize in understanding the mind, body and spirit of each client.

Having the combination of body, mind and spirit create a more comfortable and engaging therapy for clients, where they will acknowledge that overall well being and happiness can come from the simplest things. Counselling and therapy are key components to an addiction recovery treatment program. Individuals who are in recovery are taught healthy ways to cope with difficult emotions and behaviors. However, it is hard for a malnourished brain and body to fully engage in treatment and learn the necessary tools to heal.

When an individual makes the decision to receive help for an addiction, he/she will begin a gradual process in order to reach their full recovery potential which includes several steps. a significant step that sometimes goes unnoticed is the status of the client’s nutritional health.

At Terradyne Wellness Center, the main priority of the Recreational Therapy Program is to improve and/or maintain physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual functioning in our clients.

The detox program at Terradyne includes, but is not limited to, providing treatment services and recreation activities to our clients using a variety of techniques. These techniques include art therapy, animal therapy, interactive sports and games, dance and movement, drama, music therapy, and local community outings. Clients will have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and engage in something that may challenge them or revisit an activity that they potentially once loved.

Terradyne Wellness, Drug and Alcohol Rehab Clinic Nova Scotia – (902) 889-2121

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Helped me with my alcohol addictions... great detox services, friendly staff!
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2020-06-15 13:25:51
I love this drug addiction center in Nova Scotia. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly!

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