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Did you ever feel the rush of catching a giant Bluefin tuna fish off the waters of Prince Edward Island aboard a tuna charter boat?

Well there is no better experience in my mind, other than hang gliding or jumping out of a plain that strapped onto a massive tuna for hours sailing through the waters of the Northumberland Strait!

Bluefin Tuna – World’s Largest Tuna in PEI

The bluefin tuna are amongst the largest fish in the world, as few sports fishermen get to experience. David Sansom, captain of the “Tide and Time Tuna Charters” in PEI will certainly attest to that. He has seen first hand the excitement on the faces of anyone, not just holding a fishing rod, but anyone onboard watching this amazing spectacle. “You have to see it first hand“, Sansom explains.

Grown men acting like school girls on the playground is what it looks like. In all his years of fishing experience, it never gets old. Watching the excitement on his customers faces is what it is all about for David.

Each year this experienced tuna charter captain takes out new tourists and anglers alike to the tuna infested waters off North Lake, PEI to catch monster blue fin tuna.

tuna fishing charters in Prince Edward Island

The Bluefin tuna are certainly one of the largest fish, not only in PEI, but in North America. So for anyone looking to book a tuna charter this Summer or Fall, give David Sansom a shout and book your next PEI tuna charter adventure!

Phone: (902) 393-8690  / Email: info@tideandtimecharters.com

PEI is known as the “Tuna Capital of the World” and anyone who has fished here and has caught a tuna can certainly understand why. Almost every tuna that is landed is around 850 pounds. They grow to be monsters in this region of Atlantic Canada.

“We have anglers from as far away as Africa booking charters here every Summer”, says Sansom. Tourism PEI reports fishermen from Boston, Maine, New York and Florida up here every year looking to catch a huge tuna. Some have been recording setting at over 1100 pounds.

Tide & Time Tuna Charters doesn’t have to go far offshore to see the tuna jumping out of the water. That is a feeding frenzy that must be seen first hand. The excitement is beyond belief when standing back watching someone haul in a 1000 pound tuna.

It is really unbelievable tourism officials say. It really adds to the tourism dollar each year as more and more tourists come for not only the sand and surf, but the surf and turf. A little inside joke there… fish and steak is what it means to the locals.

Each Tuna Charter Includes:

  • 8 hours on the water
  • Each charter takes 1-6 people onboard
  • Take a light lunch along with beverages and snacks
  • All the tackle, fishing rods, gear and bait are provided by the tuna charter boat

To Book A Tuna Charter contact David Sansom at 902-393-8690 or email info@tideandtimecharters.com

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Great tuna fishing adventure with the crew aboard the Tide & Time Tuna Charters !! We'll be back next year guys.. great experience !!! http://Prwebads.com

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