Google Compute Engine Prices Fall

Google is well known for their cloud computing services released for business and industrial customers in need of computing power. Their offer, however, was quickly matched or beaten in price by Amazon, Microsoft and a host of competing companies.

As a result, Google has dropped their price even further, offering around 10 percent of savings, on average, for all of their cloud computing products and services. It is largely expected by the tech community that this will be the first step in a price war between the major competitors involved, who will lower their own prices again.

Making The Cut

Compute has been called the core of any cloud workload, and ideally represents a simple and quickly provided service that can be independently scaled without additional effort. Achieving these goals is what makes it so important for one of these companies to be able to claim the lowest price on the market.

Google has claimed that their company is able to make these price cuts for two reasons: the first is due to changes in their infrastructure that have produced increased levels of efficiency in its data centers, and the second is lower hardware costs.

US, Europe And Asia Pricing

One thing that remains the same for Compute customers is the difference in pricing between US clients and clients in Europe or Asia. The prices for the standard, high memory, high CPU, and micro-computing  services offered by Google remain fixed at their previous relationship, with European and Asian customers paying slightly more.

The 10 percent drop has been effectuated for European and Asian customers as well, producing computing prices that are not dissimilar to the previous set of pricing for US customers, who have historically enjoyed lower pricing for these services since Google began offering them.

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