Avoid Auto Approve Directories

While auto approve web directories can get your site out there faster, there are some very important concerns raised by SEO experts with regard to their efficiency in providing quality backlinks.

The Dangers of Auto Approved Directory Listing

As a business owner or SEO practitioner, you are likely to be interested in sites that can lead a considerable amount of traffic to your web pages and help you increase your PageRank through high PR backlinks.

Auto approved directories are not likely to provide you with these benefits, and there are a few good reasons why:

  • They are targeted by black hat SEO practitioners who constantly spam the directory with low quality content;
  • The links they already contain often lead to malware or gambling sites that search engines have very little tolerance for – you don’t want your site associated with them;
  • Your links may end up being sold to other directories, and some of them might not exactly be the best places for your listing to be on.

Obtaining Better Recognition from Search Engines

Even though human approved directories can take a little time to list your website, there are a few exceptional advantages you can benefit from by using their services. Your site will be listed on a “clean” directory, and search engines are not likely to penalize you.

Also, your website is likely to get far better recognition and traffic from the submission, and you can reach more people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

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