Google News Publisher Center

The newly created Google News Publisher Center has already stirred up quite a lot of talks since it was introduced as a new Google tool for news site owners. The service allows you to have much better control on your content as published on Google News, presenting your audience with a far better reading experience.

A Better Grasp on Your News Site’s Content

Essentially, the Publisher Center is closely linked to Google’s Webmaster Tools, so it is extremely easy to use. Although it is currently only available for US based websites, Google has promised that they will extend the tool’s availability to other countries, as well.

As soon as you verify the ownership of your site, you can get started updating the various details of your website by adding relevant source labels or labeling your various sections using topic labels related to your niche.

Improved Experience for Readers

One of the best uses of the News Publisher Center has to do with updating structure URLs and submitting any other changes associated with the structure of your website, so that Google News readers can gain better access to new content, regardless of how you have modified your site.

This means that, whether you’ve had to add new sections or change the entire URL structure of your news site, you can still have your recently released news articles appearing on Google for your audience to enjoy, without the risk of Google not having discovered it in time.

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