Importance of deep-linking

Getting backlinks to your website’s inner pages has been valuable in the past, but due to the recent changes in Google’s algorythm the deeplinks become even more important.

Now it became clear that if you have a bunch of backlinks pointing to your main URL, it can hurt you search engine ranking. You should also avoid using the same anchor texts in your backlinking campaigns. This is where deeplinks become useful. The top priority of every search engine on the internet is to provide relevant search results to their users. By using deeplinks with appropriate anchor texts, the search engines will be able to deliver even more accurate search results. In return your website will perform much better in SERPs. In short, deeplinks take your visitors to their preferred destination or product on your website quickly.

This also means that you have to carefully plan your backlinking technique. Avoid getting links from crappy websites, try to find relevant websites that are willing to place your links in their content. It’s not easy, but guest blogging would be a good idea to start with. You should also try to widen the range of anchor texts you use. Do not focus on a particular keyword!

Now, you can see why deep-linking is important. This is where our directory can help you. We allow quality deep link submissions if you follow our simple rules.

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