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Hospital Management Software

Ezovion Hospital Management Software is an exclusive, dynamically integrated platform that manages your OPD, IPD, EHR, Daycare, Queue management, Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology, Inventory, Tele-Consultancy, IVRand workforce management solutions.

We offer a scalable, secure platform to healthcare facilities that provides tremendous value at a low cost and enables medical businesses to provide exceptional healthcare service and patient care through technology across globe.

Ezovion Clinic Management Software is a methodical procedure that has decreased the use of paper while maintaining all vital information in one location. Doctors could easily collaborate with other departments regarding medical health records.

Because medications, bills, and other calculations are kept digitally, the software has saved time. This allows doctors to focus on their primary duties. Experience a simple-to-use yet robust OP Clinic Management Software with a plethora of features for managing your clinic with complete functionality.

Because hospitals are overcrowded, hospitals must manage all of the patients’ needs in order to provide better healthcare services. Taking care of all the components gradually becomes a significant burden for a hospital. Ezovion outpatient module is capable of providing customized process, storing information, and retrieving it as needed.

Modernize your hospital’s operations with a sophisticated Outpatient management software that transforms your healthcare with a futuristic patient information management system, queue management, billing, EHR software, Role based access system, communication management, and more.

Ezovion’s sophisticated IPD Management Software handles all aspects of In-Patient Management, including patient admission, discharge, billing, and so forth. In compared to other suppliers in this industry, Ezovion Hospital Management System is very cost-effective software that includes all major main activities of Hospital Operations & Management.

We assist providers in managing end-to-end, entire inpatient operations with intelligent tools, automation, a high level of adaptability, and flexibility—all while providing a cohesive experience across your hospital management.

When it comes to assigning doctors to different operating rooms, operating room schedules may present practical challenges. It can be challenging to schedule surgeries due to various factors, including occupancy, working hours per week, doctor requirements, and operating room capabilities. A basic schedule is used by hospital administrators and assignments are manually modified when necessary.

In Ezovion operation Theater module, we attempt to convert this basic schedule into a dynamic model that can be programmed to integrate various scenarios within hospital based on unique hospital factors.

Day-care Hospitals provide a comprehensive variety of multispecialty healthcare services, such as consultations with doctors or specialists across various departments, full diagnostic services comparable to a regular hospital, minor operation theatre, and pharmacy.

The Ezovion Day Care Management system is designed to efficiently register and handle patients, while ensuring that no patient data is mixed up or lost. This is especially critical in a daycare center to enable that care is offered as soon as possible. There is a thorough patient track record with which every delivery of care may be totally handled to guarantee that the module is user-friendly and simple to use.

A full-featured purchasing system allows you to manage pharmacy stock, produce bills, and collect payments. The Pharmacy Management Solutions notifies pharmacies about stock levels on a regular basis, allowing doctors to immediately prescribe the appropriate medications to their patients. You may even track medical bill collections, handle refunds, and so on.

Ezovion pharmacy management system software is connected with the OP, IP department, and all-around pharmacy administration, including purchase management, customer management, medicine management, and multi-location pharmacy sales management. With Ezovion, you can pave the way for improved pharmacy administration.

Ezovion Lab Management is in charge of a wide range of inpatient and outpatient medical tests, such as hematology, biochemistry, immunology, and microbiology. LIMS capabilities include those for managing patient check-in, order entry, specimen processing, result entry, and patient demographics.

With Ezovion, you can boost your lab’s productivity, efficiency, throughput, data integrity, and compliance. Complete laboratory management and automation systems. Our intelligence-driven software automates procedures and reduces inaccuracies, allowing your personnel to focus on providing exceptional care.

Ezovion’s Electronic Health Records software can transform your OP, IP and other department workflow into a paperless environment, allowing you to access all patients and health records from anywhere, at any time. It also allows patients to access their own accounts and keep track of their own medical records.

Ezovion EHR Software is a data-driven healthcare platform that standardizes and preserves patient health records in a secure, practice-friendly manner. From patient check-in through check-out, Ezovion’s cloud based EHR solution provides you with all the tools you need to provide better patient care.

PACS enables you to handle your digital medical images more effectively. Ezovion built this platform to manage, analyze, rebuild, and communicate medical photos and videos across networks. It will be simple to accept scan orders, produce reports, and create documentation for insurance claims.

Ezovion PACS integrated with DICOM viewer takes images/videos in real-time from various equipment and tags them in the patient’s EMR. You may measure, annotate, and enter text on the photos for simple reference, comparison, and in-depth research. The Image compare tools allows you to view two images on one screen for faster and more accurate problem detection.

Gain access to the top healthcare services from any location on the planet. With our specialized remote healthcare services, you can reap the benefits of tele health and telemedicine. Ezovion Teleconsulting uses cutting-edge technology to connect even the most remote patients with skilled medical practitioners.

Ezovion Tele-Consultation customize physician services to your facility’s specific requirements, wherever and whenever they emerge. Physicians maintain a contactless virtual consultation based on the needs of their patients.

Ezovion has developed a fully automated software to generate and maintain tokens, allowing them to easily manage their patients. We offer a simple and seamless solution that can be used with minimum hardware and under ordinary settings.

A powerful end-to-end integrated OPD queue management system can help you manage your OPD’s patient flow and cut waiting time. Real-time screen casting, notification management, and an innovative digital token management system for healthcare services are all made possible by the programme.

The Ezovion Blood Bank Management System provides healthcare practitioners with end-to-end blood bank workflow management. It simplifies donor registration and displays the status of blood units in the hospital, as well as streamlining blood collection, blood grouping, and antibody screening operations.

Ezovion Blood Bank Management System software replaces all paperwork, resulting in streamlined functions, improved patient care, effective cost control, and, most significantly, enhanced and secure administration and control.

The Ezovion inventory and asset management system ensures that medical products, medications, and equipment are always available when needed. It Assists personnel in properly planning, arranging, and directing the flow of materials and Aids hospitals in minimizing excessive medicine stocking by identifying and selecting store products, estimating demand, and anticipating material supply.

Ezovion Hospital Inventory Management Software, also known as Ezovion SCM (supply chain management), allows you to track your inventory, indents, buy transactions, inventories required for OT, suppliers, payments, and other details in real time.

Organizing a medical camp presents its own set of obstacles, including upfront planning, execution, and post-camp duties such as paperwork. Ezovion’s medical camp management system assists you in documenting camp patients and converting them into patients.

Because of our robust Cloud-based camp management system, you can stop worrying about administrative tasks and start focusing on what really important to the patients. Reduce redundant data entry while making the process more efficient for your staff.

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