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Tattoo removal has become more common due to the availability of advanced lasers Tattoo pigment usually settle down in the second layer of skin I.e dermis. The tattoo pigment is broken down into smaller particles by q-switch Nd YAG laser then these are carried by macrophages of the body

Skin Care Clinic Bangalore

Devising your Beauty Plan with You
Having a beautiful and glowing look is every person’s desire. We at Aarna understand how your look can impact your confidence. This is why we work cohesively with our clients to help them achieve the perfect look that they desire.

We have worked with the best skin and cosmetic specialists in Bangalore to devise the perfect solutions for all your Aesthetic needs. We have a plethora of Cosmetic Treatments and procedures like Laser Skin Care and others, that are designed as per your skin type to keep you looking young and beautiful always.

Hair Treatment In Bangalore

Hair fall is a common occurrence and need not always be a cause for serious concern. Hair, just like all other body parts, follows a natural growth cycle. Therefore, hair falls when it completes its growth cycle naturally. There are various other reasons that hair fall occurs. Hair can be temporary or permanent, depending on why it is happening. Hair loss can be due to ageing, a regular occurrence due to hormones, medical history, or genes.

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