Paid Directory Submission

Web directories have been around long before the currently most well-known search engines have started gaining ground on the worldwide web, and many of them are still extremely popular among today’s internet users.

While there may be a lot of ways to improve SEO, paid directory submissions can truly pay off in the long run, helping you improve your online recognition, lead generation and sales.

SEO and Paid Web Directories

The main characteristics of most paid web directories define their ability to help you improve your SEO campaigns by submitting your website to one or more of their categories.

Here are a few highlights that describe exactly how a paid web directory submission can benefit your website:

  • Paid directories allow for a simple submission process, where you can add a link to your website, along with a well-defined, original description and niche keywords to go along with it.
  • The backlinks you get from a paid directory is highly regarded by most search engines, since the owners of these directories go a long way towards ensuring the site is spam free, filled with quality, original content and adherent to most search engine guidelines.
  • A lot of the times, paid directories are high PR websites that allow you the benefit of a permanent backlink. This will improve your own site or blog’s PageRank as well.
  • Normally, one of the perks of paying for your listing is that you don’t have to link back to the directory. Search engines normally prefer one-way links.

Increased Traffic and Popularity

Aside from the fact that the time, money and effort you’d need to invest into submitting your site to a paid web directory is not that much of a problem, there’s also a matter of promotion.

A reliable web directory maintained by expert webmasters often does very well in bringing in and maintaining web traffic. As a result, as long as you submit your website to the right categories, you don’t have to worry about it reaching your target audience and increasing your web traffic.

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