Quality Links to Your Website

As we continue to advance deeper into the new millennium, some link building practices that used to work can no longer be used today. As a result, many webmasters and IM entrepreneurs are wondering about the best ways to promote their websites and gain high quality links for improved search engine ranking.

Helpful Content and Advice

If you’re only just starting out with your first few blogs or niche sites, a great way of earning your backlinks, as opposed to trying to demand or pay for them (which may end up getting you penalized) is to visit blogs and forums within your target niche, and provide quality, helpful comments and posts that would both benefit those sites and help you gain higher recognition.

Additionally, frequently updating your site with interesting content, a well-designed, helpful tutorial on a specific topic or funny, entertaining articles that would appeal to your audience is a sure way of getting recognized for your efforts and gaining high quality, merit-based backlinks.

Long Term vs. Short-Lived Link Building

Although some short term link building techniques still work to a certain extent, it is extremely important to note that link building needs to be regarded as a long term endeavor.

Blasting spun content to article directories, as well as buying or exchanging links are no longer techniques that work as they used to. Nevertheless, some quick methods, such as directory submission will be quite valuable if done right.

You have to be careful, however, which web directories you submit your site to, and mass submissions for the purpose of earning quick backlinks are likely to fail. Directory submission can be great if used alongside quality, original descriptions that showcase your website’s worth as faithfully as possible.

You can also gain a fair amount of knowledge by looking at similar websites within your niche and making note of the techniques they use for improving their rankings. While it’s not necessarily a good idea to use the very same methods, you can adapt and customize these methods to make them relevant for your own content and promotion efforts.

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