Terms of Use

In order to maintain high quality, we implemented some simple and straightforward rules that we take seriously. Please take a minute and read these rules to save the trouble for all of us. We review each and every submissions manually so there is no point in trying to manipulate the system.

Sites we DO NOT accept:

  • Sites containing adult, dating, gambling or illegal content.
  • Sites under construction.
  • Non-English language websites
  • Sites that display too many advertisements.

Submission rules:

  • ALL CAPS is not allowed for title and description.
  • Do not include keywords in the title!
  • If you choose to purchase a paid listing, you acknowledge that after the payment has been made there is no refund.
  • Submit your site to the most appropiete category.
  • You are allowed to submit one inner page of your website with BASIC listing.
  • To ensure quality, all sites are subject to our review process, and we reserve the rights to make modifications to your listing title or description.
  • All submission description must be unique!!!! Quality, well-written and unique description will not only help our directory stay unique, but it will also help YOUR SITE.
  • Please try to come up with a couple of well-written sentences at least. The longer and the more unique your description the better.
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