Web Directory Submission Tips

Although the process of actually submitting your web pages to various web directories can be quite straightforward, without requiring more than a few minutes, you can gain a lot more traffic and even make more sales by making sure you’ve submitted your site the “right” way.

Finding the Best Directories for Your Niche

Of course, there isn’t a single correct way you can go about using web directories, but there is a simple process that can help you. The first step is finding the right directory for your niche.

Most web directories have very broad categories targeting a huge range of topics. However, some are based more specifically on location, industry or website type.

If you own an informative blog, don’t waste your time with directories promoting online ecommerce stores. On the other hand, if you are selling a service or product, you might want to look for a web directory that deals mostly with online stores targeting your specific niche.

How to Determine Your Niche Category

Determining your niche category has everything to do with who your target audience is and what you’d like to achieve with your website.

If you have a blog that promotes computer games, you might be interested in a software or gaming related category. On the other hand, an educational website might best be associated with topics such as schools, college funds, or specific topics related to the knowledge and information you’d like to impart through your site.

Crafting a Great Description

Finally, you have to make sure that everything about your description is catchy, easy to read and to the point. First of all, do some research on the keywords and key phrases that people are most likely to look for when searching for topics related to your site.

Starting from the title (which should be short and easy to remember), add 1-2 keywords to it, while also embedding them into the body of the description. An original, well-written and relevant description, together with the right keywords, can go a long way towards keeping visitors interested and even getting them eager to click on your link.

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