What Is a Web Directory?

Web directories are websites where site owners or webmasters can submit a listing of their site along with a description in order to improve their online recognition and lead building potential.

Depending on the type of website you own, you can choose among a variety of different paid and free web directories. The sites also allow you to reach a more targeted audience by choosing specific categories for your submissions.

Types of Web Directories

  • General web directories: The first and most common type of web directory you are likely to encounter is a general web directory. These can involve paid or free submissions, and are basically sites with categories from a wide array of different topics and niches, where practically any type of website is allowed.
  • Niche directories: Directories using categories relating to specific industry niches, such as education, software, real estate or various manufacturing niches are called niche directories.
  • Bidding directories: These are directories that allow website owners to bid for a better place for their listings. Depending on your bid, you can gain a higher position in the directory, in order to obtain better recognition for your website, and there may also be a minimal bid required for inclusion.
  • Reciprocal linking directories: As the name suggest, this type of directory requires you to add a link to the web directory itself from your website in order for inclusion to be allowed.

Web directory Categorization Process

It is important to note that the categories your website could fall under are determined both by the services you provide and your web content. As such, if your site promotes all types of clothing, but you also have a lot of content about fashion on your onsite blog, you can likely submit it to both categories with equal success.

Of course, you have to be careful not to submit your site to categories that have little to do with what it’s about, since your submission might be rejected. As long as you follow the directory’s guidelines and policy, however, you should have no difficulty in keeping your submission for a long time to come.

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